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Ahdr 2002 challenged the arab world to overcome three cardinal obstacles to human development posed by widening gaps in freedom, womens empowerment and knowledge across the region. Undp works to eradicate poverty and reduce inequalities through the sustainable development of nations, in more than 170 countries and territories. Sakiko fukudaparr, director of the human development report office, led the effort. Looking at international, regional and local developments affecting arab countries since the report was issued confirms that those challenges remain critically. The report goes into depth on the improvements and remaining challenges in the health and education services of saudi arabia. Read the united nations development programmes latest report on inequalities in human development in the 21st century. Published for the united nations development programme undp empowered lives.

Undp human development report 2003 by barbados labour. Undp, 199021 the global human development report for 2015 focuses on work. It draws attention to some of the important achievements in the kingdoms human development programs, which include a significant increment in life expectancy, bringing it to be the largest among three countries in the world. A compact among nations to end human poverty published for the united nations development programme undp new york oxford oxford university press 2003 hdr0300 frontmatter052003. The arab human development report is an independent report sponsored by the united. The report is an independent publication commissioned by undp. From 2003 to 2008the five years preceding the global. The latvia human development report 20022003 examines human development through the prism of human security an issue at the heart of societal development in a country where individuals, social groups, and government institutions have gone through a series of painful and radical transformations over the past decade. It is the frui t of a collaborative effort by a team of eminent consultants and advisers and the human development reportteam. Since the release of the first national hdr in 1992, national hdrs have been. Our 2003 annual report showcases how undp is now playing a much more effective role in addressing the worlds biggest development challenges. Human development report 2015 sustainable development. It demonstrates that the range of human development in the world is vast and uneven, with astounding progress in some areas amidst stagnation and dismal decline in others.

This report adds to the understanding of poverty by analysing the root causes of failed development. The undp has been publishing the human development report since 1990. Guarantee scheme provides up to 100 days of unskilled manual labour to eligible rural poor at the. Human development report 2003 director and editorinchief sakiko. According to unhabitat 2004 the regions 25 largest cities have an. Human development report 2014 sustainable development the. The report is a research on the human development aspects of innovation and information, based on statistics measuring the impact of information technologies on societal development. Arab human development report 2003 human development reports.

A better future for all cover 1 cover 4 cover 2 cover 3 global, regional and national human development reports human development reports. Balance and stability in the world requires the commitment of all nations, rich and poor, and a global development compact to extend the wealth of possibilities to all people. The challenge of sustainable development in south africa. Human development report mongolia 2003 foreword iii undp has supported the preparation of national human development reports nhdr throughout the world since the publication of its first global human development report in 1990. The lithuanian human development report 2003 addresses the issue of knowledge, information and technologies for human development.

Building on the tradition of undps global human development reports, the arab human. From the perspective of human development the relevant concept is work and not jobs or employment. Human development report 2015 undp, 2015 this new global human development report is an urgent call to tackle one of the worlds great development challenges providing enough decent work and livelihoods for all. Out of 182 countries ranked in the wwdr 2003 with regard to the. Human development report 2003 millennium development goals. Human development report 2003 human development reports. These were the respective themes of the three followup reports published in 2003, 2004, and 2005. Summary human development report 2011 sustainability and equity. The new century opened with an unprecedented declaration of solidarity and determination to rid the world of poverty. The 2003 report explores constraints that are crucial for sustainable human development.

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