Ora 02429 while dropping user manual

Associated constraints can be dropped manually with an alter command. One of the first things listed at startup is the initialization parms with nondefault values. Oracle how to make primary key index usable from unusable. It is an unique index that enforces unique constraint. I tried droping index manually but system cant find it 4. In case it is not, here is my step by step with some better scripting. Ora00258 manual archiving in noarchivelog mode must identify log. Cannot drop index used for enforcement of uniqueprimary key while upgrading the p6 database doc id 2309960. Warn user could not complete because the job run sql script.

In this manual, variable text in a message is denoted by italics. The ora02429 error happens when you attempt to drop the index with first dropping the constraint primary key. An attempt was made to drop an index that is being used as the enforcement mechanism for a unique or primary key. This most often occurs when the user resource quota on the operating system is too low. Refer to the sql reference manual for the correct statement syntax. Ora01031 while connecting as sysdba on windows with a.

Hi boss, kindly find the solution for the same issue but while dropping user. The ora02429 error happens when you attempt to drop the index with first dropping the constraint primary key ora02429. Dropping a tablespace and user when table locks are disabled. Dbca failing with ora01034 adityanaths oracle blog. Online reporting application user manual measurement canada. This is documented on mos drop tablespace failed with ora02429. Ora01936 cannot specify owner when creating users or roles. Ora01078 ora29701 error during startup asm helioss blog. Ora02089 commit is not allowed oracle fusion middleware.

The user must specify either datafile or to following alter. You can not delete the index associated with a unique or primary key constraint. While dropping the tablespace the following error occurred. Getting ora00604 error when connecting to database user.

As always, try following the examples given in the manual first. Orastring occurs while typechecking column default value expression. Ora02429 cannot drop index used for enforcement of uniqueprimary key. Drop the integrity constraint instead of dropping the index.

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