F23 h22 head swap software

F23 29mm f20b 29mm head gaskets bore h22a4 88mm h22a 88mm. But you can swap f22 cranks into your early h22 or h23 and have a sleeper stroker. If i purchased an h22 head and put it on my f23 block, what would i need to. When building a g23 f23 block with a h22, f20b, or h23 vtec head you will have 2 additional oil drain backs in the dohc head that are absent in the f23. Modifications you have to plug two oil drains in the h22 head that do not exist on the f23. You can use either a 9295 honda prelude jdmusdm p obd1 ecu which they came from the factory with or 9496 acura integra gsr jdmusdm p72 obd1 ecu or 9295 honda civic exsi jdmusdm p28 obd1 ecu. I heard about this swap today and it interests me to say the least. Fseries motors are fun, you can always swap a h22 head on the f23 block for some serious power and torque. With ecu tuning and an h23 throttle body swap, this setup can be good for around 20whp. If i can remember his screenname, ill try to find you some links. You also have the option to keep the stock sohc f22 or f23 block, crank and rods. Another combination that has been gaining popularity is the f23 bottom end swap. Or an f22b1 head swap onto the f22a block as an upgrade. F23h22 hybrid engine bugdet build hondatech honda forum.

Atts is a superb parallel to lsd, so if thats the reason for you wanting to swap, you should look into atts a bit. Diy f23 intake manifold swap f22b honda odyssey forum. Read this before asking about doing a frankenstein build. Water pump just the gear crank gear timing belt timing cog. There are other considerations, like which cylinder head you plan on using. Honda kseries k20, k24 swap guide part 1 speed academy. From there you can select if you can use a f23 crank and rods or f22 crank and rods. Also, you sorta mentioned the exhaust manifold in the head cost, but typically, if you buy an h22 head, it wont come with an exhaust manifold. H22 parts head completevalvetrain, cover, dist, manifolds, vtec solenoid, etc. F23 parts block head gasket water pump the housing rear water pipe.

Well, i myself have never even heard of that motor, so i cant tell you much about how difficult the swap would be. As for the swap parts needed to make this an easy and seamless job, there are quite a few options available today. Innovative mounts imt59185 alternator relocator for honda h22 engine. First note i will not be held accountable for anything that goes wrong, any problems, any injuries, or any. Why would you want to swap a jdm h22 when you already have an a4. Looking for some knowledgable advice f23 with h22 head. H22a head on an f23a block inquiries 6th gen accord diy and. Why attempt a swap with an engine for which youll use the kseries transmission, anyway, and with an engine that isnt natively. This swap is compatible with the f22b1 and f22b2 motors. You can install that assembly into an f23, or and h22, or even an f20b.

Total more than a jdm h22 which is what i was trying to beat the price of. And an issue that it shares with the h22h23 head is that this head is. New swap for older civics 8th generation honda civic forum. Hybrid engine swaps f23h22 hybrid engine bugdet build i started.

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